Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Brandon! (and other BIG news from Voorheesville!)

Today is Brandon's 33rd birthday! Our plans are... well so far for me to cook and us to eat :)
The requested birthday menu: guacamole, followed by homemade pepperoni, mushroom, olive and jalepeno pizza, and for dessert, blueberry pie.  Stay tuned for pics/recipes. 

Besides that, our plans for the day are up in the air.  We picked up a beautiful handmade cedar picnic table yesterday (a gift from my mom and Eddie) at a locally owned and operated three generation furniture place.  We need to assemble it today and hopefully if the weather warms up some we can enjoy our dinner outdoors by the garden...(and by the way, fresh peas may end up on the menu tonight!)

I have other really big news!  I got a call on Monday from my new job asking me to start early... as in this coming MONDAY! This is a huge change for me and for us and one I am excited about and nervous about and of course torn about losing the remaining time off and time with Brandon but I mostly feel really good about it.  It has been amazing to have 6 months to move, adjust, and recover from the last work experience.  I am refreshed and ready for the challenge.  End verdict: this is good news!  Result: less frequent baking and blogging... but I will try to regularly post and will definitely still bake on weekends so don't fret!

Well that's it for news but of course no post is complete without a few animal pictures!  Lupa and Sasha have grown close... Yesterday Lupa climbed into bed with Sasha... Look at them! (this KILLS me)...

Awwwwwwwww!!!! I can't handle it.  And one of Lupa and Betsi...

OK I am off to make pie crust and go to the gym and go by the tailor to get my suits tailored (!!!) and then back to bake pie and spend the day with my birthday boy! I will post about my sourdough too later. I promise!


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