Wednesday, June 6, 2012

If I were a carpenter and you were a lady...

... would you marry me anyway? Would you have have my baby... If I worked my hands in wood,
Would you still love me? Answer me babe, "Yes I would, I'll put you above me."

Yes, I have discovered another reason that I am glad I married my husband... he can apparently build beautiful things! We have been needing a good coffee table for the living room but have not wanted to buy one.  About a month ago, he found some wood in the barn (yes we have a huge barn)

and since then he has been sneaking out there on rainy days, using a small hand saw and a box of nails.  I finally was allowed to see the completed table yesterday and I was totally impressed. Check it out!

He used an old crate for the base and sanded down these beautiful green planks to form a bottom shelf.  Isn't he handy?  The whole project cost less than $5!

... and it looks great inside.  Stay posted for his next project.

Garden update! I added the following to my garden this week: tomatoes (heirloom, cherry red, and a basic sandwich hybrid variety), cucumbers, watermelon, cantaloupe, red and orange bell peppers, basil, rosemary, romaine lettuce, mint and nasturtiums.  So excited to see how they all come out! 

And of course, no post would be complete without a Lupa update...

Sleeping... on my purse

looking adoringly at Brandon

look at her legs!

and one of the whole crew... a sleepy bunch!
Well it is nearly 4 p.m. and this post has taken me an hour.  I am a slow blogger and am off to the yard.  Brandon has gone off fishing and I am hoping he comes back with dinner!

If you were a fisher... and i were a blogger... :)



  1. wow, i'm impressed! looks like you're both keeping busy up there, hope all is well!

    1. hey! we are keeping busy... so much fun. it's beautiful up here. can't wait for you guys to come up and visit again! hope all is well there.