Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Lupa moves in! and notes on a rainy Saturday

Lupa moves in.... and notes on a rainy Saturday

So last Thursday I was driving back from the gym and saw a sign for kittens just down the hill.  I told Brandon we had to go... can we please just go look? He said if we did we would never come home without one... he was right.  But this one was just too cute! and we have been wanting a dog but decided it was too much for Betsi who is 14 and might not handle the trauma of replacement very well.  Lupa is gray with some white coloring in the face and belly and she has a wonderful personality.  She is fearless with Sasha, who is terrified of her (despite being at least 5 times the size) and keeps coming even in the face of the hissing and really deep growling Sasha has mastered in the few days since Lupa's arrival.  Every day they get closer though... soon they will be friends... I hope!

OK enough talking, meet Lupa!

She LOVES Brandon... 

 She suicidally sleeps on the ledge of our loft despite all efforts to get her to stop...

She loves this one kitchen chair... (don't ask me why)

(clearly an acrobat)

Oh.. yes and she wants to eat EVERYTHING.

So cute!

So Saturday was a rainy day here and one of those days you are thankful for the excuse to stay inside.  I had my group run at 7 a.m. (I joined a running club to help me train for the Hudson Mohawk Marathon in October) which was 8 miles - the rain let up for the first 45 minutes and then started again just when it felt great.  Then I picked up Rhubarb at the store and yes, you guessed it...

...I made Strawberry Rhubarb pie... Lupa also loves this by the way...

While in the kitchen preparing the pie, we had a visitor..

The animals relaxed and enjoyed the rain

...and the garden continued to grow!

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  1. So fun to see you guys all settled in and with a new member of the family to boot! It looks so relaxing and beautiful up there - Betsy must be in heaven with the grass and without any other dogs in sight! ... I will come up soon, I promise. By mid-July the latest!

    Keep the posts coming! Love and miss you xoxoxo, Elyse.