Friday, June 22, 2012

Off to Saratoga Springs for a long weekend

I know what you are thinking... I haven't posted in days.  I am really sorry!  But my little sister and her boyfriend have been in town and we have been eating and exercising (well, the girls) and fishing (well, the boys) and we all went swimming yesterday to cool down from the 95 degree heat (well the boys stayed in the water and we dipped and tanned, dipped and tanned) and yes the sourdough was AMAZING and YES I will blog about it all and took pictures. But right now we are off to Saratoga Springs for the weekend where my dad has rented a house for us all to enjoy forced family fun until Monday.  But it will be relaxing.  There is a hot tub and huge kitchen and a gazebo so it will be good times.  I will blog from there, hopefully!

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