Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On the other side of 30...

So I made it. I know, my last post was a little over enthusiastic.  I was told I sounded like the happiest person alive... that's probably a stretch... but I am pretty happy... i feel almost like this is something to be ashamed of!  We live in a strange world.

Anyways I had a PERFECT birthday.  I got up at 6 and went for a run in the misty breezy morning.  Then we packed a picnic and headed up to Saratoga Springs to go on a long hike in Moreau Lake State Park.  The sun came out and the weather was perfect.  It was beautiful!  Don't we look happy?

 We saw some cool stuff along the way...




We picnicked by the Hudson and then checked out Saratoga Springs where I got a cool new cookie tin for my collection in an antique store...

Then we went out for BBQ Dinosaur BBQ in Troy.  We ate a lot.  It was delicious.

Then we went home.  I managed to stay up for a bowl of ice cream... barely...

So it was a good day.  Good food, good weather, good company.  And Lupa passed out in the window frame

Today I spent most of the day working in the garden.  I planted romaine lettuce, banana peppers, "yummy snacking peppers" (sounds good right?), basil, cucumbers...

But it has not all been fun and games.  Organic gardening is a bitch.  We are at war.  With slugs.  We have lots and lots and lots of slugs.  We have found some creative ways to kill them, including beer traps, cans filled with some beer which draw the slugs in and they drown.  I get great pleasure seeing them drowned.  We have killed hundreds in the last week.  But they still managed to eat all the lettuce, cucumber, basil, and watermelon seedlings I planted.  So today I gave in and went to the garden store and bought plants... and we set more traps, and got Sluggo (death food for slugs) and Diameteous Earth...

And the garden is fortified!  Check it out

They will NOT eat my BASIL!

The melon patch looks like Fort Knox... it isn't pretty, but hopefully it works!



The garden is looking good now... I am excited for the peas!

And check out those tomatoes! Looking good.

Anyways, I have recipes to post... and poems... but today was long and I am off to relax, so until tomorrow!

-- Anya

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