Sunday, September 30, 2012

On cutting corners, and other things

So I admit it, I have issues.  One of these is with what I view (only when it comes to myself, mind you) as "cheating" or cutting corners.  That is, using canned pears when the recipe and experienced recipe veterans all say explicitly that it makes no difference in taste, look, or quality than poaching your own pears... OK but my brain says:

"NO! That is Cheating. Lazy. Short cut.  Do. It. The. Long. Way.  The RIGHT way."

Crazy? Yes. But that's me. Other examples - using store bought pie crust or biscuit dough or cookie dough or pizza dough.  These things (well, some of them) are OK on a busy weekday night (never pie dough I'm afraid).  But not on the weekend and never when guests are coming.  Recently I made some ginger cakes for  a wedding and spent close to an hour grating fresh ginger by hand to get 6 Tbs of the stuff.  Brandon said "Don't they sell that?"  I looked at him -- you know the look -- "it is just better this way" I said.  Part of why I love him? He says he "understands" this crazy streak about me.  Mind you, this is just one of such streaks... anyways.

Also in this cutting corners category by the way: literally cutting a corner while running --- but I do this shamelessly! -- oh and counting the cool down time at the gym as "part" of the workout. HA! CRAZY!

Anyways.  It has been a rainy weekend here.  We are planning for a party today.  We are having 20 people over and praying for the rain to hold off for a few hours at least so Brandon can grill the many pieces of chicken marinating in our fridge and the sausages and hotdogs and other things that may need flame.  The fall colors are out in full swing up on the hill and it is so beautiful.  A single tree can take my breath away.  We have started using the wood stove again when the chill gets in and it is so cozy -- this is by far my favorite time of year.  I have also started knitting again so stay tuned for progress on that front.

SO back to business.  BAKING.  I baked a LOT yesterday and have more coming this morning.  I will share a sneak peak:

Pear Almond Tart:

(by the way that was one of the most time consuming baked goods I have ever ever made - we'll see if it is worth it!)

Ginger cookies. I doubled this recipe to ensure that we have some left after the party!

Also on the menu: pumkin pie that I am starting now.  And deviled eggs (Brandon's favorite).

Recipes will be posted soon!

I have also had some (minimal) fun with food lately, although I have been busy!  A few things I have made:

A lentil, sweet potato and kale dish:

Delicious, healthy, and vegetarian.  I found it on this wonderful blog, "eat, live, run" which is available 

I also made a wonderful simple salad with arugala, feta and watermelon from our garden, with a simple vinegrette:

OK and to end off, some pics of the animals!

Ha! I love the leaning tower of boxes pictures... obviously the perfect place for a nap!

Marathon one week from today!!! SO excited.

Until next time!

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  1. anya -
    i hope the party went well...the animals look adorable and the tart i'm sure was awesome. i saw a terrible weather warning for hail at about 6 pm last nite, which had me a bit worried but your dad said hailstorms are "exciting" and short lived to quote him they "just smash a lot of stuff then leave"!