Monday, October 8, 2012

My first marathon!

So I did it! I ran 26.2 miles yesterday! There I am with a piece of bread in my mouth and chocolate milk in my hand and a medal around my neck.   I am so glad I finished!

But I HURT EVERYWHERE...around mile 16 something happened to my foot... it didn't feel good and got worse over the last 10 miles.  I made the first half in 1:59:42 - on track for my fuzzy goal of around 4 hours... but due to the foot injury, the second half was a very very painful 2:24:32... for a finish time of 4:24:14.  Still not bad, though, for a first marathon and with an injury.  Here are some pics!

Brandon made a sweatshirt.  he is the cutest husband alive.

How awesome is that??!?

Here I am pre-race in the long line for the restrooms.  It was in the low 40s!

But I was feeling positive:

There are the racers starting to gather at the start line...

There I am checking out my watch settings and trying to stay calm..

I'm lining up to go... Oh and by the way I realized about 2 minutes into the race that Lupa bit through the wire on one of my earphones... AGAIN... that little ****!! I had to run the race with music in one ear... nothing like a kitten...

There I am waving goodbye!

There I go! (Brandon met me at 4 points during the race.  He is amazing!)

Here I come!  (don't mind the creepy guy with his tongue out...)

There I go again!

My Mom and Eddie showed up with some awesome signs!


So the million dollar question: will I do another marathon?  we will have to wait and see... 

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