Monday, November 12, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day!

It is a beautiful fall day here in Voorheesville.  The sun is out and the air is still and calm and I feel at peace.  It is a day to think of all of the people who have gone to fight for our country.   Sitting in my sunny and quiet kitchen in my pajamas, it is hard to imagine what they do and see and experience around the world -- the suffering and violence and fighting -- their bravery and sacrifice, and that of all their families, astounds me.  Thank you to them all!

In store for today is a hike in a nearby preserve and relaxing -- reading my book, knitting, and not doing anything crazy!  It has been a very full weekend here so far.  I ran a 15K yesterday (9.3 miles) and rocked it!  It felt great!  I finished in 1:20:18 -- a 8:37 average mile.  What a great race!  It started in central park in Schenectedy and went through beautiful historic neighborhoods and the graveyard before circling back to the park.  Very fun!

I also passed the last two days in the kitchen engaged in a cooking and baking frenzy!  Here is a look at what I made... the damage was severe... the hours long... the calorie intake impressive...

Triple chocolate chip, oat and fresh cranberry cookies:

YUM. Look at the batter:

I want to live in that bowl...
Art my friends, art.

And my first attempt at homemade Challah bread was a success!  DELICIOUS.  nothing. like. it.  period. so good. so good. heaven.

Homemade spaghetti and meatballs was on the menu Saturday night (pre-race carbs! great excuse!)

Then for guests on Sunday night I made... a lot:

Jim Lahey's no knead bread... delicious as always...  crusty outside and moist inside...  MMMMM...

Moroccan lamb stew.  OK.  This dish is to die for.  Really.  I would like it to be my last meal before I die.  My stepdad made it last time I was home and I had to have the recipe (from epicurious).  It changed my world.  My husband and our guests all loved it.  It is now part of the permanent file.  I served it with Jasmine rice, the bread, and a green salad.  Perfect meal.

And to put us all into food coma and over the edge of full, a flourless chocolate cake, which I served with whipped cream.

Yeah... I know... I went a LITTLE over the top this weekend.  I cooked a lot.   My dad says he would never survive in my house... he would be so fat... sigh... well, what can I say.  I had fun.  I ate well.  I have many recipes to post.  I am happy! 

And so are the animals.... time for a little animal slideshow... and then I am off to read, and knit, and relax!

Awww!!! So cute. 

-- Anya

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